Clover Appliqué needles sharps black-gold no.09-12 - 3pcs

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  • Clover Appliqué needles sharps black-gold no.09 - 3pcs
  • Clover Appliqué needles sharps black-gold no.10 - 3pcs
  • Clover Appliqué needles sharps black-gold no.12 - 3pcs
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Product Description

These appliqué needles from the Black Gold range by Clover are perfect for patchwork and appliqué. The needles are made from hardened steel and feature a black coating for anti-rust resistance, while the tip is polished along the axis. This makes for a very smooth, sharp and resilient needle that will glide smoothly through layers of fabric without bending or breaking. These needles feature a burr-free, gold-plated eye. These long needles with thin tip are often called sharps. These Clover Black Gold appliqué needles are available in no. 9, 10 and 12 (the higher the number, the shorter and finer the needle), with lengths between 28.8-34.9mm and a diameter of 0.46-0.53mm. One pack contains 6 appliqué needles. Supplied per 3 packs.

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