Clover Kantan Couture bead embroidery tool - 3pcs

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  • Clover Kantan Couture bead embroidery tool - 3pcs
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Clover’s Kantan Couture embroidery tool helps you create gorgeous, lush motifs with the addition of beads – perfect to decorate clothing items or fashion accessories. Tambour is an ancient embroidery technique that uses a fine hook to pierce the fabric to attach beads. This technique knows many applications, and has made several appearances on haute couture fashion shows. Various open weave fabrics are best suitable as base, such as organza, linen, tulle or lace; the fabric should first be stretched on an embroidery hoop. Smooth and shiny threads, such as silk thread, are ideal for Tambour work, and sparkling gold or silver threads give the embroidery an extra luxurious touch. All kinds of beads or sequins (with a hole) are suitable. Insert the Tambour needle from bottom to top through the fabric, wrap the thread around the hook and pull it through the loop of the previous stitch and the fabric. This Kantan Couture bead embroidery tool lies comfortably in the hand. One pack contains the needle holder, one Tambour needle and a storage case. Supplied per 3 pieces.

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