Cohana Masu pincushion Snow Tree – 1pc

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  • Cohana Masu pincushion Snow Tree – 1pc
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Make a craft enthusiast happy with this limited-edition, winter Masu pincushion by Cohana. Wooden Masu boxes were originally used to measure rice. The box measures approx. 46mm length x 46mm width x 29mm height. The pincushion in the shape of a snowy tree is made from sheep wool from Hokkaido. The wool is dyed with lilies of the valley, after which the wool is shaped by hand into a pincushion. The Masu pincushion comes with one handcrafted pin with a star-shaped head with inlays of various woods, such as magnolia, katsura tree and mizuki (dogwood). The pin is made from nickel-plated steel and is 35mm long and 0.5mm thick. It is beautifully packaged in a box (56 x 42 x 25mm).

Please note: Cohana products are handmade and therefore all unique; there may be slight differences in colour and dimensions.

The Japanese brand Cohana offers products where quality, functionality and design are of utmost importance. All products are crafted in a traditional way in collaboration with the best companies in the country, using as many sustainable materials and raw materials as possible. For the holiday season of 2021, Cohana - now for the fifth time - will present a selection of beautiful, limited-edition handicraft items.

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