Cohana Mizuhiki needle threader - 1pc

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  • Cohana Mizuhiki needle threader yellow - 1pc
  • Cohana Mizuhiki needle threader pink - 1pc
  • Cohana Mizuhiki needle threader green - 1pc
  • Cohana Mizuhiki needle threader blue - 1pc
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Product Description

The Japanese brand Cohana offers products where quality, functionality and design are of utmost importance. All their items are produced in a traditional way in collaboration with the best companies in the country from as many sustainable materials and raw materials as possible.

This Mizuhiki needle threader is not only gorgeous but also extremely functional for sewing or embroidery. It is decorated with a traditional Mizuhiki braided knot. Mizuhiki is an old Japanese art form used for gift wrapping, in which a decorative paper cord is created by twisting washi paper (called in fact ‘mizuhiki’) and is then hardened with a glue coating. This Mizuhiki knot is shaped like a plum flower, which symbolises luck, tight bonds and the repelling of evil. In short, it is extremely useful to have this beautiful sewing accessory at hand, and not just in a practical sense. Push the loop of metal wire through the eye of the needle, then pull a thread through the loop, then pull the needle threader back out of the eye of the needle, drawing the thread with it through the eye. The Mizuhiki needle threader is available in four colours (pink, yellow, green and blue), is 4.2cm long and 2.8cm wide.

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