KnitPro Ginger cable 40-150cm - 3pcs

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  • KnitPro Ginger cable 40cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 50cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 60cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 80cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 100cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 120cm - 3pcs
  • KnitPro Ginger cable 150cm - 3pcs
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Product Description
Designed to be used with the KnitPro Ginger interchangeable knitting needle tips, this selection of cables offers seamless connections that prevent snagging, twists and kinks. The Ginger cables are available in the following lengths: 26cm (for 40cm IC circular knitting needle), 28cm (for 50cm IC circular knitting needle), 35cm (for 60cm circular knitting needle), 56cm (for 80cm circular knitting needle), 76cm (for 100cm circular knitting needle), 94cm (for 120cm circular knitting needle) and 126cm (for 150cm circular knitting needle). The circular knitting needle lengths reflect the overall needle length when the selected cable is connected to KnitPro Ginger knitting needle tips.
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