KnitPro Limited edition set J'adore - 1pc

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  • KnitPro Limited edition set J'adore - 1pc
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Treat all craft-lover mothers with this exclusive J'adore KnitPro gift set - on Mother's Day or any other day! This exclusive limited-edition set includes an interchangeable, ergonomic Cubics knitting needle set and various knitting accessories packed in a luxurious velvet pouch decorated with a bow. The KnitPro Cubics knitting needle tips will grant you hours of knitting fun, thanks to their unique ergonomic design. The knitting needles run from a round cross section to a square one at the tip. This special shape provides a better grip - ideal for people with joint problems, because it takes less strength to hold the knitting needles. It’s of course also a convenient feature for beginner knitters, because the thread tension remains more even, which in turn results in a nice, even knit. The tapered tip makes the needles also very suitable for knitting patterns with multiple stitches, such as lace patterns, puff stitches, bubble and cable knitting. A perfect gift to show your mum your love for her! The set comes in a cardboard gift box measuring 25 x 17.5 x 3cm.

The J'adore gift set consists of:

  • 6 pairs of lavender-coloured Cubics knitting needle tips with matte gold connectors. The set contains needle sizes 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00 and 8.00mm. The needle size is clearly laser printed on the metal connectors. It is measured diagonally and corresponds to the sizes of standard needle gauges.
  • The needle tips can be combined into circular needles with 3 x silver-coloured, extremely flexible (also known as 'memory-free') cables of 60, 80 and 100cm.
  • Other accessories included in the set are: 4 x end caps, 1 x connector, 2 x cable keys, 20 x heart-shaped, metal stitch markers and 1 x auxiliary needle.
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