Opry Reinforcement sheets 23.5x37.5 semi-transp.

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  • Opry Reinforcement sheets 23.5x37.5 semi-transp. - 3x3pcs
  • Opry Reinforcement sheets 23.5x37.5 semi-transp. - 1x11pcs
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Product Description

These sheets of reinforcement plate by Opry can be used for all kinds of creative purposes. They are ideal for making - reusable - pattern pieces, quilt or patchwork templates yourself. The material is very sturdy and can be sewn in with a sewing machine - making it excellent for use as reinforcement for bag bottoms, for example.

The reinforcement plates can be used, just like template sheets, for various quilting and patchwork techniques. For example, you can make templates for English patchwork (paper piecing); the advantage of plastic moulds over thin cardboard is that the corners remain sharp - so they last much longer. Because the sheets are semi-transparent, patterns are easy to transfer to the plate and they come in handy as a template for patchwork techniques such as fussy cutting. Draw the patterns or motifs on the plate with a pen or marker and cut them out neatly with scissors or a hobby knife.

The semi-transparent reinforcement sheets by Opry are made of sturdy plastic and measure 23.5 x 37.5cm. Supplied per 3 packs of 3 pieces each or per pack of 11 pieces.

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