Opticon Bluetooth barcode scanner - 1pc

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  • Opticon Bluetooth barcode scanner - 1pc
Product Description

Ordering at De Bondt BV just became a whole lot easier with the new orderscanner! A compact and user-friendly device, the orderscanner doesn’t require any complicated installations, nor any more than a tablet or smart phone with internet connection to function! While you scan, watch as the orderscanner notifies you on the spot whether your requested item is in stock, and where applicable, why it isn’t.

For more info, check out the short instructional video we made just for you here!

Try out the new orderscanner free of charge! In order to keep the cost as low as possible for our customers, the orderscanner will be supplied on a loan-out basis. All that’s required is a refundable deposit which you’ll get back upon return of the undamaged scanner in its original packaging. For those of you with any questions, concerns or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team is always at your service.

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