Prym Bachelor button 16mm - 5pcs

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  • Prym Bachelor button Zeus 16mm black - 5pcs
  • Prym Bachelor button stars 16mm bronze - 5pcs
  • Prym Bachelor button Aura 16mm antique brass - 5pcs
  • Prym Bachelor button Octa 16mm antique copper - 5pcs
Product Description
The Prym Bachelor buttons are a range of non-sew buttons that can easily be attached to fabrics without the use of any special tools. Each button consists of two parts; a pin which goes through the opposite side of the fabric into the button top, and the top which is visible on the outer side of the garment or accessory. To attach, simply place the button top in the location you wish to attach it, and then from the back side of the fabric, push through the pin and insert into the back of the button top. You may need a hammer to assist. And that’s it! Ideal for use with denim garments, or as a decorative feature on a range of accessories including handbags or suspenders. Made from stainless brass. The Prym Bachelor buttons are 16mm in size. Available in black, bronze, antique brass and antique copper.
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