Schmetz Topstitch 5 needles - 10pcs

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  • Schmetz Topstitch 5 needles 100-16 - 20pcs
  • Schmetz Topstitch 5 needles 80-100 - 10pcs
  • Schmetz Topstitch 5 needles 80-12 - 10pcs
  • Schmetz Topstitch 5 needles 90-14 - 10x5pcs
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Product Description

When you think of a quality sewing needle, you think Schmetz! As the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality sewing machine needles, Schmetz offers a wide range of needles that are effective to use, designed to last, and suitable for every sewing need.

The Schmetz Topstitch needles have been designed to achieve perfectly straight stitch lines and even stitches when using a straight stitch plate. Whether using heavy, multiple or poor-quality threads, Schmetz Topstitch can handle it all. Supplied as a blister pack containing 5 needles inside a compact plastic box for safe and practical storage, perfect for shop display! Available in various sizes and as an assortment. Supplied per 10 packs.

Also available per 30 packs.

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