Tulip Beading needles no.10-13 - 3pcs

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  • Tulip Beading needles no.10 long - 3pcs
  • Tulip Beading needles no.10 short - 3pcs
  • Tulip Beading needles no.11 - 3pcs
  • Tulip Beading needles no.12 - 3pcs
  • Tulip Beading needles no.13 - 3pcs
  • Tulip Beading needles no.11 short - 3pcs
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Product Description

The beading needles by the Japanese brand Tulip are the pinnacle of quality and design. They are characterized by a strong and elongated eye with a smoothly polished finish on the inside, a strong and extremely flexible shaft and a well-finished tip.

The long beading needles no. 10 have a slightly rounded tip to prevent the yarn or threads from splitting when passed through a bead several times. They are particularly suitable for stringing, weaving beads or for other sorts of beadwork. The needle can pass twice through a 15-0 seed bead. The long beading needles no. 10 are 51mm long and have a diameter of 0.46mm. One pack contains 4 beading needles. Supplied per 3 packs.

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