Veritas Sewing machine mechanical Marie - 1pc

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  • Veritas Sewing machine mechanical Marie - 1pc
Product Description

Veritas Marie is a very user-friendly, all-round sewing machine - an ideal model for beginners, but also very useful for advanced users who want a sewing machine for easy repair and sewing work. The Veritas Marie is equipped with 13 stitch programmes, including the most important basic functions, useful overlock stitches as well as some decorative stitches. With the stitch selection knob you can choose the desired stitch programme and, while the stitch length knob allows you to set the preferred stitch length (maximum 4mm). Making neat (blind) seams will be incredibly easy with Veritas Marie. Finishing fabric edges and repairing tears/holes will also be done in no time with the width-adjustable zigzag stitches/overlock stitches. This sewing machine makes sewing buttonholes and buttons effortless. Heavier fabrics are no problem for Veritas Marie thanks to its high sewing power. Measuring 36.4cm length x 29.5cm height x 17.5cm depth, Veritas Marie is a compact and handy sewing machine model and, with a net weight of 5kg (including accessories), it is also easy to transport. Supplied with manual and the accessories listed below.


  • 13 stitch programmes
  • 4-step buttonhole function
  • speed (rpm): 750+/-50
  • high sewing power for heavier fabrics
  • sewing zippers possible
  • integrated thread cutter
  • < li>reverse sewing button
  • maximum stitch length: 4 mm
  • maximum stitch width: 5 mm
  • automatic bobbin winder
  • LED sewing light
  • < li>slim free arm
  • detachable accessory box
  • a manual in several languages ​​(CZ/DE/DK/EN/FR/HR/HU/LT/NL/PL/SE/SI/SK)
  • Accessories: set of sewing machine needles, universal presser foot, zipper foot, buttonhole sewing foot, button sewing foot, blind hem foot, brush, 3 x bobbins, screwdriver, embroidery and darning plate, 2 x felt pads and dust cover.
  • The Veritas sewing machines are named after inspiring women. Marie Curie was a Polish-French scientist - in 1903 she became the first woman to defend her thesis in physics at the Paris Sorbonne. She discovered the elements polonium and radium and coined the word 'radioactivity'. She has been awarded the Nobel Prize twice - in 1903 for Physics and in 1911 for Chemistry.

    Since 1894 Veritas has been a trusted brand of sewing machines and is synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity. Find out about more Veritas sewing, overlock and embroidery machines on our webshop.


    Extend the warranty period of your Veritas sewing machine up to 5 years now! Quickly go to the Veritas website and request your extra 3-year warranty.

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