Veritas Overlock machine Elastica II - 1pc

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  • Veritas Overlock machine Elastica II - 1pc
Product Description

Since 1894 Veritas has been a trusted brand of sewing machines and is synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity.

Veritas Elastica II is a reliable overlocker that includes everything you need in order to give the seams and the hems of your needlework a beautiful and professional finish. The Veritas Elastica II machine is equipped with 12 stitch settings, including the most common stitches, such as the rolled hem, narrow hem and the 4-, 3- or 2-thread overlock stitch. It hems, cuts and sews effortlessly in a single stroke, also when dealing with sturdy materials, such as denim, corduroy or coat fabric. Fabric residues are neatly collected in the waste tray. Veritas Elastica II features a differential feed, indispensable to achieve even, straight seams when using elastic, thin and smooth fabrics. Thanks to the colour-coded threading system, it is very easy to thread the Veritas Elastica II machine. The overlocker can be set up according to your sewing preferences, by adjusting the stitch length (1.0-5.0 mm) and width (up to 7.0 mm), the differential feed, the tension of the individual upper threads and the cutting width. The overlocker measures 32cm length x 28cm width x 32cm height, weighs 9 kilograms and is delivered with 4 pre-threaded spools.


  • 12 stitch settings, such as rolled hem, narrow hem and 4-, 3- or 2-thread overlock stitch
  • 75-1100 stitches per minute
  • Thread cutter
  • Waste collector
  • 4-,3- and 2-thread overlocking
  • Easy threading with colour coding system
  • Individually adjustable stitch length (1.0-5.0mm) and stitch width (up to 7.0mm)
  • Differential feed
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Solid construction
  • Detachable accessory box including: sewing needle set, two-thread converter, rolled hem finger, brush, screwdrivers, dust cover, backup knife, tweezers, wrench, 4 nets, 4 spool discs, 4 spool caps, 4 (pre-threaded) spools and an accessory bag.

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