Vlieseline Sample interlining H609 - 1pc

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  • Vlieseline Sample interlining H609 - 1pc
Product Description

Thinking about ordering a roll of Vlieseline H609, but would you rather first see and especially feel the quality of this reinforcement? That’s possible! We offer you the option to order a sample measuring 21 x 15cm of this reinforcement.

Vlieseline H609 is a lightweight, supple and highly elastic (in both directions!) iron-on reinforcement made from synthetic fibres. Ideal for reinforcing small patterns and pieces of highly elastic - lightweight to medium-weight - fabrics, such as jersey. The interlining is made from 100% polyester, is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label and is washable up to 40°C. Vlieseline H609 has a weight of 41g/m2, is 75cm wide and is available in white and black. Supplied per roll of 25 metres.


Caution: always try iron-on fusible reinforcement on a test piece first! Place the interlining with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric and fix it quickly with an iron on a low setting - this will prevent deformation of the stretchy fabric. Then place a damp cloth on it and press the reinforcement piece by piece on the fabric for approximately 12 seconds (iron setting 2-3 dots). Do not iron! Then let the fusible membrane cool down for 30 minutes and fix it.

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