Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g

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  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 100 Cirrocumulus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 101 Cirrus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 102 Cumulus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 103 Altocumulus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 104 Altostratus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 105 Stratus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 106 Cirrostratus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 107 Cumulonimbus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 108 Circumcumulus
  • Scheepjes Skies Heavy 5x100g - 109 Undyed
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Product Description

Made from an all-natural 100% Premium Blend cotton, the new Scheepjes SKIES yarns are so soft you’d think you were holding a cloud. Dyed using beautiful shades of Indigo; a textile dye dating back to 4000BC, these yarns feature subtle colour contrasts and a hand dyed appearance. Ranging from the pale blue of a partially overcast Spring morning, to the deep Indigo of a midday Summer sky, transforming then to the sinister olive greens which overcome grassy pastures in the midst of a storm, capture the beauty and volatility of our glorious atmosphere with SKIES.

The Scheepjes SKIES collection encompasses 2 lines of yarn; Scheepjes SKIES Heavy and Scheepjes SKIES Light. With each sharing the same fibre content and range of colours, their differentiating feature is their weight, being DK and fingering respectively. When washing for the first time, we highly recommend using a colour catcher as there may be small amounts of residual dye.

Scheepjes SKIES Heavy is available in hanks of 100 grams, as well as assorted packs of mini 28g hanks. Scheepjes SKIES Heavy is DK weight (100g = 170m) and is suitable for needles sized 6.00 mm.

For the first time, Scheepjes is releasing neither a yarn ball nor cake, but a yarn hank! To explain a little how to work with a hank, we’ve created this short instructional video just for you. Check it out to learn how an umbrella swift and yarn winder can help to transform your yarn hank into a ball!

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