New in our shop
  1. Metallic band 7-40mm gold - 20m
    Available in 9 varieties

  2. KnitPro Flora shawl pin - 3pcs
    Available in 8 varieties

  3. Belt clasp 80mm - 3pcs
    Available in 12 varieties

  4. Scheepjes Chunky Monkey 5x100g
    Available in 93 varieties

  5. Scheepjes Bloom assortment 10x50g - 7-9 colours - 1pc
    Available in 3 varieties

  6. Metallic band 10-55mm - 16.4m - GO
    Available in 21 varieties

  7. French ribbon sequined 25mm - 9m
    Available in 6 varieties

  8. Prym Bachelor button 16mm - 5pcs
    Available in 4 varieties

  9. YARN The After Party no.44 Busy Bees Cushion - 20pcs
    Available in 4 varieties

  10. Opry Scissors display 13-14cm + 21cm
    Available in 2 varieties

  11. Opry Scissors display 10 + 21cm
    Available in 2 varieties

  12. Prym Elastic waistband 20mm - 10m
    Available in 7 varieties

  13. Prym Bag handles Theresa 60cm - 3pcs
    Available in 4 varieties

  14. Ribbon with glass beaded fringe 35mm - 10m
    Available in 3 varieties

  15. Gobelin deluxe sewing box - 1pc
    Available in 6 varieties

  16. Elastic trim with ruffle 19mm - 9m
    Available in 30 varieties

  17. Schmetz Stretch twin 2 needles - 20pcs
    Available in 2 varieties

  18. Handmade tulle ribbon sequined 45mm - 6m
    Available in 12 varieties

  19. Prym Espadrille soles size 36-45 - 2pcs
    Available in 5 varieties

  20. YARN The After Party no.43 Pegasus Tunic - 20pcs
    Available in 4 varieties

  21. Animal eyes - safety eyes coloured 45mm - 10pcs
    Available in 2 varieties

  22. Queen’s Quality felt roll 2mm - 0.9x10m
    Available in 53 varieties

  23. Leather cord stoppers classic small - 50pcs
    Available in 2 varieties

  24. ChiaoGoo Accessory pocket-pouch 12x9.5cm - 3pcs
    Available in 2 varieties


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Family business De Bondt B.V is the largest combined haberdashery and yarn wholesaler in Europe delivering worldwide to retailers and resellers. Service is our priority. We proudly offer our customers an accessible webshop, fast delivery and a wide variety of promotional tools.

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For over 45 years a leading player on the global market
Our company
Family business De Bondt B.V is the largest combined haberdashery and yarn wholesaler in Europa that delivers worldwide to retailers, resellers and the clothing industry. Service is our priority. We offer our customers a good web shop, fast delivery and provide a wide variety of promotional tools.
Our assortment
Our assortment is considerable! Alongside our own yarn brands Scheepjes and Botter IJsselmuiden we are distributors of Lopi Icelandic Wool, Opal, DMC and the threads of SMC Schachenmayer such as Catania, the hook and crochet tools by KnitPro, Tulip, Cohana, Addi and Prym. In the field of haberdashery you can rely on us to provide you with the products of Gütermann, Coats, Prym, Amann, Opti, DMC, HKM and Pronty and a wide range of our in-house brands.
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