Addi Calibro Wooden Needle gauges set - 1pc

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  • Addi Calibro Wooden Needle gauges set - 1pc
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The Addi Calibro needle gauge set is a very handy, versatile and elegant tool to determine the size of your knitting needles or crochet hooks – particularly indispensable for knitting needles without a button or circular needles without a needle number. Of course, it’s also great to find out the needle size if the needle number has faded over the years. The set consists of two separate needle gauges. It provides the sizes (in millimetres) of both regular (Addi) knitting needles, but is also suitable for measuring square Addi Novel needles. In addition, the larger needle gauge features a ruler, which displays measurements in both centimetres and inches. The two needle gauges are made with natural wood. Suitable for needle sizes 1.50-15.00mm. Supplied per 1 piece.
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