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  • Amann Display Seraflex 2+1 free spools - 36 colours - 1pc
  • Amann Display Seraflex 3+2 free spools - 36 colours - 1pc
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Seraflex is the perfect sewing thread for all stretch fabrics! With this special elastic sewing thread, you can sew straight stitches and retain 65% elasticity. You also can use double back stitch instead of overlock stitches to sew elastic fabrics! Made with 100% PTT, it is particularly suitable for outdoor and sports clothing as well as for lingerie or everyday wear. Recommended needle size is NM 70-80. Each spool of thread contains 130 metres of thread, and it is available in 36 colours.

Amann released a special display to showcase the Seraflex threads to your customers. The display measures 32.3cm high x 32.3cm wide x 21.5cm deep. Enjoy a special offer by Amann and receive 2+1 spool for free or 3+2 spools for free. Limited to one display per customer. Interested in adding this fantastic display to your shop? Click on the envelope on the right-hand side to notify us. We will contact you as soon as possible afterwards!

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