Ribbon striped rainbow 20-70mm - 25m

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  • Ribbon striped rainbow 20mm - 25m
  • Ribbon striped rainbow 25mm - 25m
  • Ribbon striped rainbow 30mm - 25m
  • Ribbon striped rainbow 38mm - 25m
  • Ribbon striped rainbow 50mm - 25m
  • Ribbon striped rainbow 70mm - 25m
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Product Description

This striped rainbow ribbon gives a unique finish to (self-made) clothing pieces and accessories. Also great for all sorts of creative projects or as a party decoration. This trim can be sewn on, sewn in the seam or glued. The six coloured rows are placed in the same order as on the LGBTQ rainbow flag and represent diversity in our society. Apart from that, this is of course also just a beautiful trim in cheerful and bright colours. This woven, non-elastic rainbow ribbon is made from high-quality polyester, a sustainable, colourfast and form-retaining material. Washable up to 95ᵒC. Available in 20-70mm widths and supplied per card of 25 metres.

New generation of high-quality polyesters

Great wearability and ease of use - that is what defines the new generation of polyester fabrics. Thanks to technological developments in the 21st century, today's polyester is a high-quality material with great properties.

The first thing you notice about high-quality polyester is the bright colour. Those vibrant colours are due to the relatively high melting temperature of polyester, which makes advanced colour printing techniques possible. In addition, the colours are extremely resistant to direct sunlight (lightfastness), frequent washing (colourfastness) and intensive use.

Polyester fibres are also very stable and that results in a highly form-retaining fabric. Most polyester fabrics are virtually crease-free and hardly need ironing after washing. It doesn’t get better than that!

High-quality polyester feels sturdy but soft at the same time and has a slight sheen. The fabric is breathable, but does not absorb moisture, unlike natural fibres such as cotton. That way, sweat and moisture can evaporate without leaving stains or making the fabric feel clammy.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that choosing polyester is sustainable. Polyester fabrics are durable, remain beautiful for a long time and are fairly easy to recycle.

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