Clover Quilting needles no.09-12 - 11x15pcs

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  • Clover Quilting needles no.09 - 1x15pcs
  • Clover Quilting needles no.10 - 1x15pcs
  • Clover Quilting needles no.12 - 1x15pcs
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Product Description
With these fine quilting needles by Clover hand quilting will be an absolute joy. The needles are made from hardened, tempered steel, they have a burr-free eye and a sharp tip. This makes for a very strong and resilient needle that will glide smoothly through layers of fabric without bending or breaking. These needles are slightly shorter than regular quilting needles (they are often called betweens), and have an ideal length-diameter ratio to sew through the three quilting layers. They are of course also ideal for patchwork, appliqué and other sorts of detailed sewing work. These Clover quilting needles are available in no. 9, 10 and 12 (the higher the number, the shorter and finer the needle). They are 23-27mm long and have a diameter of 0.51-0.56mm. Supplied per 15 needles.
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