Cohana Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins 0.50x40mm - 1x3pcs

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  • Cohana Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins 0.50x40mm yellow - 1x3pcs
  • Cohana Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins 0.50x40mm pink - 1x3pcs
  • Cohana Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins 0.50x40mm green - 1x3pcs
  • Cohana Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins 0.50x40mm blue - 1x3pcs
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Product Description

The Japanese brand Cohana offers products where quality, functionality and design are of utmost importance. All their items are produced in a traditional way in collaboration with the best companies in the country from as many sustainable materials and raw materials as possible.

These glamorous, handcrafted Iida Mizuhiki sewing pins by Cohana are topped with a handmade Mizuhiki, a traditional braided knot decoration. Mizuhiki is an old Japanese art form used for gift wrapping, in which a decorative paper cord is created by twisting washi paper. The pins are made from nickel-plated steel and are manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. These sewing pins are strong and flexible and run smoothly through the fabric. They are 40mm long and have a diameter of 0.50mm. These Mizuhiki sewing pins are available in 4 different colours. Each pack contains 3 pins in a calm dark colour, a bright light shade, and a sparkling white colour with glitters. Cohana offers a 3-piece yellow set (item no. 45-226), a pink one (item no. 45-227), a green one (item no. 45-228) and a blue one (item no. 45-229). Supplied per 1 pack of 3 sewing pins.

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