Cohana Masu pincushion with glass-head pins - 1pc

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  • Cohana Masu pincushion with glass-head pins white - 1pc
  • Cohana Masu pincushion with glass-head pins black - 1pc
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The Japanese brand Cohana offers products where quality, functionality and design are of utmost importance. All their items are produced in a traditional way in collaboration with the best companies in the country from as many sustainable materials and raw materials as possible.

This lovely set contains a pincushion enclosed in a wooden box and 3 handcrafted glass-head pins. Masu boxes were originally used to measure rice, but the producer Ohashi Ryoki is constantly looking for new applications for these handmade boxes made from cypress wood. The box (measuring 4.6cm length x 4.6cm width x 2.9cm height) is finished off with a Cohana-logo leather tag and thanks to the natural wood every box has a unique finish. The pincushion is made from kokura-ori with a polyester filling. The cotton fabric of the pincushion is known for its three-dimensional stripes created by using many warp threads. This cotton fabric has been produced since the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1868). The brand Kokura Shima Shima gave new life to this ancient traditional fabric by incorporating new, modern designs. The glass-head pins were developed by the Ai-rish nail salon and Kato Shippo Works. Shippo is a type of cloisonne ware, where flakes of precious metal or gemstones are incorporated into the glass head. The three pins are made from nickel-plated steel, are 35mm long and 0.5mm thick. The glass head has a diameter of 4mm. The set is stylishly packaged in a see-through box (6.8mm length x 6.2mm width x 9.4mm height). Available in two versions, with a white or black pincushion.

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