Cohana Paperboard tool case set – 1pc

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  • Cohana Paperboard tool case set brown – 1pc
  • Cohana Paperboard tool case set grey – 1pc
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Product Description

Make someone happy with this original gift set by Cohana - the beautiful set consists of a handmade cardboard storage box and a brass ruler in an authentic Japanese design, wrapped in a matching colour cloth and provided with a Cohana gift tag. Please note: Cohana products are handmade and therefore all unique; there may be slight differences in colour, size and weight. Available in grey and dark brown. Supplied in a gift set in fabric packaging (size 24cm length x 7.5cm width x 5.5cm height).

The Japanese brand Cohana offers products where quality, functionality and design are of utmost importance. All products are crafted in a traditional way in collaboration with the best companies in the country, using as many sustainable materials and raw materials as possible. For the holiday season of 2021, Cohana will be presenting - now for the fifth time - a selection of beautiful, limited-edition handicraft items.


  • The handmade cardboard box< /b> is ideal for storing sewing supplies, craft tools or desk accessories. The contents are easily accessible once the box is open and, thanks to two magnets, small sewing or desk accessories, such as needles, pins or paper clips, can be kept safe and tidy. The box closes with an elastic and a button. The company Chikamori Co. Ltd. has been known since 1926 as a cardboard producer of high-quality (traditional) gift boxes. Please note: the box is not resistant to water, moisture, high temperatures or direct sunlight. When closed, the storage box measures approx. 20.3cm length x 3.9cm width x 3.7cm height. Once opened, the inside of the box measures approx. 20 x 6.7cm.
  • The design of the brass ruler is based on bamboo rulers from ancient Japan. In collaboration with the company Marui Techno, a brass ruler was designed with a nostalgic but timeless look. The rounded top, which makes the ruler pleasant to hold, is reminiscent of bamboo. The scale (in centimetres) has been laser-cut precisely into the surface. Dots (hoshi - star - in Japanese) are etched every 2.5cm, making the ruler easy to use from both sides. NB. The ruler should be handled with care and caution to avoid damage to - delicate - materials or to the ruler itself. The ruler is 15cm long.
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