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  • Cohana Sakura premium gift set pink - 1pc
  • Cohana Premium gift set yellow - 1pc
  • Cohana Premium gift set pink - 1pc
  • Cohana Premium gift set green - 1pc
  • Cohana Premium gift set blue - 1pc
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Product Description

Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautifully designed and specially packaged gift set by Cohana this holiday season! The Premium Sewing Set contains everything a crafter's heart could possibly desire! With a variety of beautiful, high-quality crafting accessories, this set is perfect for those looking to own a piece of luxury that will last a lifetime. The set is available in 4 colours, and contains the following high-quality items:

  • A waxed canvas tool tote bag with a leather tag and a decorative tassel. It measures 27cm wide, 17cm high including handles (10cm excluding handles), and 10cm deep.
  • A canvas knickknack bag which is made from cotton and is slightly water repellent. The bag has a height of 9cm, and a width and depth of 8cm.
  • A paperweight of Nambu ironware that also functions as a pen holder. The paperweight has a diameter of 60mm and has a height of 23mm.
  • A magnetic spool of Hasami Ware to securely hold your pins and needles, measuring 46mm high with a diameter of 35mm.
  • 3 x glass-head marking pins.
  • A beautiful floral tape measure made from Yuzen leather. This 1.5 metres long tape measure uses the metric scale. It has a diameter of 65mm and a height of 15mm.
  • Pin cushion made from Cypress wood and Banshu Textile, measuring 33 x 35mm.
  • A sewing needle set for light to medium weight fabric, packaged in a practical tube with a decorative, sparkling tassle.
  • One pair of high-quality, individually crafted Shozaburo Thread Snips wrapped in silk Iga Braid, supplied with a protective leather case. The scissors measure 14mm thick, 25mm wide, and 108mm long with a blade length of 36mm.
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