Ready for the future with Adapto

At De Bondt, we continue to innovate and further professionalize our warehouse operations from a sustainable perspective, ensuring we can serve you as best as possible. Both now and in the many years to come. This dedication has led us to embrace Adapto, a groundbreaking logistics solution. Adapto not only broadens our capacity and elevates the caliber of our services but also reinforces our commitment to a greener, more sustainable organizational framework.

The benefits for you

  1. Content Label - An order picked in Adapto comes with a Content Label, which shows the contents of the box. Convenient if your order consists of multiple boxes!
  2. Smaller Shipping Volume - The order is packaged more compactly: the box is precisely cut and folded to fit your order, ensuring the shipping volume of your order is never more than necessary.
  3. Almost No Filling Material Needed - No filling material is required because the box is cut and folded based on the contents of the box. This contributes to the sustainability of your and our processes.
  4. Box Weighs a Maximum of 20 kg - A box picked in Adapto never weighs more than 20 kilograms. Great for delivery services and for you!


Learn more about Adapto and how we as an organization are ready for a sustainable future in the video below:


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