The Future is in Your Hands
Behind the scenes, work has been going on for some time on Adapto, a new and innovative logistics system that will ensure De Bondt is ready for the future.
  • Adapto will increase the capacity of the logistics process,
  • improve the quality of services and
  • contribute to making the company more sustainable.
  • The moment of commissioning is close. Within a few weeks, the first Adapto orders will roll off the conveyor belt and be delivered to retailers. During the transition period, a gradually increasing number of orders will be sent from Adapto, until the majority of stock is picked from Adapto. During this phase, you may receive orders from both Adapto and the current warehouse. De Bondt count on your understanding during transition, when there is a possibility that some orders may experience a slight delay.
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What Will Change For You?
  • Different Packaging - An order picked from Adapto is packed in a different style box, made of sturdy cardboard.
  • Content Label - An order picked from Adapto has a Content Label. This lists the contents of the individual box and is useful if your order consists of multiple boxes.
  • Lower Shipping Volume - The order is packed in a more convenient way. Boxes are cut and folded to exactly the right size for your order. The shipping volume of your order is therefore never greater than necessary.
  • Virtually No Filler - The box is cut and folded, therefore minimal filler is needed.
  • 20kg Maximum Box Weight - A box picked in Adapto never weighs more than 20kg so is better for delivery service partners and you.
  • One Shipping System - During the transition phase De Bondt will work towards a single shipping system that will bundle orders and enable you to keep track of them all via a single daily message.
  • Exceptions There are a small number of items that do not fit the Adapto system, such as pattern paper and large yarn assortments. Exceptions will continue to be sent from the current warehouse in a separate box. Your order will not be affected and you will receive a single invoice for the entire order.
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