Gütermann Display Maraflex 150m - 1pc

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  • Gütermann Display Maraflex 80x3x150m - 1pc
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Product Description

Gütermann’s Maraflex no. 120 is an extremely elastic sewing thread with a beautiful sheen. It is highly suitable for elastic seams in clothing, sportswear, underwear, lingerie, footwear or for decorative seams. With this thread, seams retain up to 80% elasticity when sewn with a double lockstitch, ensuring a pucker-free appearance. Suitable for fine to medium-weight fabrics, such as jersey, and knitted fabrics, such as those with elastane. This sewing thread is made from 100% polyester (PBT) and is exceptionally even, smooth and lint-free thanks to the innovative MCT thread construction technology (Microcore Technology). For optimal elasticity, it is suggested to use Gütermann’s Maraflex as needle and looper thread. Recommended needle size: NM 70-80. Washable up to 60ᵒC and available in an extensive range of colours. One spool of Gütermann’s Maraflex no. 120 holds 150 metres of thread.

Showcase your assortment of Gütermann’s Maraflex no. 120 neatly with this eye-catching display for self-service. The customer can see at a glance all the colours you have in stock.

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