Gütermann Display tower denim 31x3x100m - 1pc

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Missing colours: 1000-1016-1970-3070

  • Gütermann Display tower denim 31x3x100m - 1pc
Product Description

From strong seams to decorative seams and stitching so characteristic of denim garments and jeans, Gütermann Denim thread will ensure a bold and sturdy finished result to your upcoming sewing projects. Highly durable, this thread is made to work effectively with standard home sewing machines without the need to adjust the thread tension. Suitable for use as both a top and bobbin thread, for stitching seams and sewing multiple layers of fabric together. This thread is scrub resistant and colour-fast, made from 100% polyester, washable up to 95°C, and suited for tumble drying.

This special display tower for Gütermann’s Denim sewing thread rotates 360°, making it easier for customers to discover the various colours and to read all about this high-quality thread. The display tower comes with 31 shades divided over 36 slots x 3 spools. Each spool holds 100 metres of thread. The tower measures 36.6 x 21.2 x 21.2cm.

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Color Code 78
Meterage 100
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