Opry Silicone beads round 20mm - 5x5pcs - AST

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  • Opry Silicone beads round 20mm - 5x5pcs - AST1
  • Opry Silicone beads round 20mm - 5x5pcs - AST2
  • Opry Silicone beads round 20mm - 5x5pcs - AST3
  • Opry Silicone beads round 20mm - 5x5pcs - AST4
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Product Description

Opry’s playful range of silicone beads is ideal for teething babies and fun for you and your kids! 100% child-safe and chewable, these colourful beads can be used to create a whole range of fun accessories that can be worn by you or your child. Whether to make a bracelet, necklace, keyring, pacifier chain or teething ring, these beads can be enjoyed by the entire family! Why not make something together with your kids? Opry's silicone bead selection features beads in a variety of shapes ranging from sweet little rabbits, hearts and hexagons to classic round balls. Their size allows them to easily be threaded over ribbon or thick yarns.

This selection of silicone beads comes in the shape of round balls. Available in sizes 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. Available in an extensive range of colours.

Great for Babies!

Made from BPA-free silicone, these beads are safe to give to babies who are teething. Use them together with the Opry silicone pacifier clips to create custom pacifier chains that your little one can play with, or create a teether by adding an Opry silicone teething ring to a bracelet or necklace made using these beads!

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