Prym Ergonomics circular needle 60cm 3.00-7.00mm - 5pcs

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  • Prym Ergonomics circular needle 60cm 3.50mm - 5pcs
  • Prym Ergonomics circular needle 60cm 4.50mm - 5pcs
  • Prym Ergonomics circular needle 60cm 6.00mm - 5pcs
  • Prym Ergonomics circular needle 60cm 7.00mm - 5pcs
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Product Description

Prym’s innovative Ergonomics circular knitting needles are specifically designed to be as comfortable as possible. These beautiful needles are flexible and lightweight, and lie comfortably in the hand. The drop-shaped tips allow experienced knitters to knit quickly without splitting the yarn, while beginner knitters will find it much easier to pick up stitches and to prevent stitches from sliding off. The changing shape of the needle (round to triangular) makes it easier for stitches to glide easily. The extremely flexible and high-quality plastic-coated steel cable does not twist during knitting, which greatly enhances knitting pleasure. The needle size is prominently printed in the needle. These needles won the Red Dot international design Award in 2016. These circular needles are made with very durable white plastic and are available in 60 and 80cm lengths as well as in different needle sizes. Supplied per 5 circular knitting needles.

These circular knitting needles are 60cm long and available in sizes 3.00-7.00mm.

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