Prym Non-sew press fast. jersey 10mm copper-plated - 5x10pcs

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  • Prym Non-sew press fast. jersey 10mm copper-plated - 5x10pcs
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The non-sew press fasteners by Prym are perfect to get a neat, solid and professional-looking closure for handmade clothing, accessories and tools. Attach the press fasteners with the supplied tools and a hammer - instructions for use are included or can be found on the back of the packaging. In addition, many press fasteners are suitable to be used with press fastener pliers (see items no. 390900 or B490900) or with the prym.ergonomics tripod (see item no. 673130). Washing, spinning, cleaning, ironing or pressing is all possible with Prym's rust-proof press fasteners. Available in various colours, designs and dimensions, for various applications and with light, medium or heavy closing force. Also available in refill packs.

These jersey, ring-shaped press fasteners by Prym are suitable for thin tricot (jersey) and light fabrics and have a light closing force - ideal for baby and toddler clothes, such as rompers or sweaters where press fasteners on the shoulders make dressing and undressing a lot easier. With the jersey press fasteners there is virtually no chance that tricot or other thin, knitted fabric will start to ladder. There is no need to punch a hole in the fabric first: in fact, the ring with teeth only pushes the fabric threads aside without damaging them. The press fasteners with a ring-shaped, open cap are made of brass, have a diameter of 8mm and can be used with the appropriate pliers or with the prym.ergonomics tripod. Available with a silver-coloured cap (item no. 390107), a white cap (item no. 390111) or a copper-coloured cap (item no. 390119). A blister pack contains 10 press fasteners, 2 moulds, 1 mould holder and instructions for use. Supplied per 5 packs of 10 pieces.

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