Rosette pins coloured pearl-head 0.64x36mm - 36x40pcs

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Green, Blue, Purple
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  • Rosette pins coloured pearl-head 0.64x36mm - 36x40pcs
Product Description

Use these colourful pearl-head pins when sewing, for example for temporarily joining fabric pattern pieces, pinning seams or holding pattern paper in place. They are of course also great for craft projects or to add to flower arrangements. Thanks to the relatively large, coloured head, they stand out well and are easy to remove from your project. Please note: The plastic pearl head is not heat resistant. The pearl head pins in 8 different colours are fitted on a plastic rosette. The pins are made with stainless steel and measure 36mm length (including the head with a diameter of 3mm) x 0.64mm thickness. Supplied per 36 rosettes of 40 pins.


Pins are one of the most basic haberdashery tools and are a must-have item in the sewing basket. They are available in various lengths, thicknesses and designs.

  • For regular sewing use pins with a standard length of approx. 30mm - these are suitable for medium- to heavy-weight fabrics.
  • Pins with approx. 25mm length are thinner, and suitable for fine fabrics such as silk and satin.
  • Instead, use approx. 35mm-long pins for heavy-weight fabrics.
  • In addition, there are pins for specific purposes, such as short craft pins or extra-long quilting pins that are useful for joining the three layers of a quilt together.
  • For jersey fabrics, blunt-tipped pins are recommended.
  • Flat-head or small-head pins are very useful when machine-sewing, because the sewing machine will stitch over them easily.
  • < li>Glass-head pins and flat-head pins are heat-resistant, so that clothing or home textiles can be ironed or pressed without any problems.
  • Pins with a large plastic head, such as pearl-head pins or flower-head pins, are easy to find within your project or when they have accidentally fallen on the floor.
  • We recommend keeping pins in a box or in a pincushion.
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