Schmetz Product features poster A1-size - 1pc

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  • Schmetz Product features poster A1-size DE - 1pc
  • Schmetz Product features poster A1-size EN - 1pc
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Product Description

When you think of sewing machine needles, you think of Schmetz! Schmetz offers a wide range of first-class, high-quality sewing machine needles. A suitable Schmetz needle can be found for every sewing project.

This poster is a handy tool to display in your shop to look for the suitable sewing machine needle for a new project. The poster provides information on the anatomy of the machine needle and the differences between the several types, such as variations in tip or needle eye. By means of the colour coding, which can be found just under the butt of the needle, you can see at a glance which needle type or application is involved (upper colour stripe) and which needle size (lower colour stripe). The poster is in A1 size, is supplied rolled and is available in English and German.

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