Whiskers for animal noses 59-112mm - 50pcs

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  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 59mm - 50pcs
  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 63mm - 50pcs
  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 75mm - 50pcs
  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 88mm - 50pcs
  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 88mm - 50pcs
  • Opry Whiskers for animal noses 112mm - 50pcs
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Product Description

Give a handmade amigurumi or stuffed toy its own character and authentic look with these black whiskers. The whiskers can be combined with a plastic animal nose and consist of a plate with 5 black whiskers on both sides. To attach, place the whiskers between the fabric/knit and the nose, then insert the thread (on the back of the nose) through the centre hole of the attachment plate (whiskers) and the fabric or knit and secure it to the inside of the amigurumi or stuffed toy with a washer. The whiskers can be sewn on for extra strength.

There are 6 sizes of whiskers, varying in length from 59-112mm. The size of the mounting plate in the middle determines which nose size the whiskers fit to: whiskers 21095-01 (59mm) fit animal nose item no. 5634-09; whiskers 21095-02 (63mm) fit animal nose 5634-12; whiskers 21095-03 (75mm) fit animal noses 5634-15 and 5634-18; whiskers 21095-04 (88mm) fit animal nose 5634-20; whiskers 21095-05 (88mm) fit animal noses 5634-19, 5634-23 and 5634-24; whiskers 21095-06 (112mm) fit nose 5634-28.

The black whiskers are made of plastic and are available in a refill pack of 50 pieces per size (59-112mm).

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