Vlieseline Framilastic 6mm transparent - 25x5m

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  • Vlieseline Framilastic 6mm transparent - 25x5m
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Vlieseline Framilastic is a transparent, sew-in tape with very high elasticity. This type of elastic tape is also known as 'framilon'. Ideal for reinforcing shoulder seams or finishing necks or hems in stretchy clothing (such as tricot) - think of lingerie, underwear, sportswear and swimwear (Framilastic is highly resistant to chlorine). It is also very useful for all kinds of fabric treatments, such as ripples, gathering or ruffles. Suitable for all (including transparent) fabrics. The tape is made from transparent polyurethane and is washable up to 40°C (we do not recommend using fabric softener). Vlieseline Framilastic is available in two widths: 6mm and 9mm. Supplied per 25 packs of 5 metres.


Cut off the required piece of Framilastic and sew 1cm of tape at the beginning with a zigzag stitch (don't forget to fix the underlap!) without stretching it. Then stretch the elastic tape to the required length, sew it to the end while under the tension. Make sure that the stitching is placed exactly in the middle of the tape.


We have a huge choice of reinforcements in our webshop: iron-on and sew-in, woven and non-woven, suitable for DIY fashion and for hobby purposes and from both brands and our private label. The most important thing is to choose a reinforcement material that suits the fabric and purpose:

For handmade fashion we have iron-on and sew-in interlining in our range. Cotton wadding and fusible interfacing are provided with an adhesive layer and are permanently attached to the fabric with a hot iron. Ideal for small parts of clothing to give shape or support to the fabric, such as collars and cuffs, or to make them stronger - think buttonholes. They are often also suitable for reinforcing home accessories (pelmets or tiebacks) and fashion accessories (bags or belts). They can also be used to make fabric less see-through (for the bodice of a dress, for instance). Choose smooth, thin reinforcement for lightweight fabrics and firm and thicker for heavier fabrics. For stretch fabric, elastic fusible reinforcement is the best option; for heat-sensitive fabrics (such as leather or faux leather) there is a choice between sew-in interlining and iron-on adhesive reinforcement that can be applied on a low iron setting. With cotton woven interlining, the direction of the thread should be taken into account.

For neat and sharp hems or for strong seams, we have all kinds of iron-on and sew-in tapes</b > in our range, with or without pre-punched folding edge. Ideal for beautiful hems, round and straight seams, skirt and trouser bands or belts.

Batting or wadding is a thick, soft and insulating layer that is applied between two layers of fabric such as quilts or jackets. Can be made of artificial or natural fibres (such as wool, bamboo or cotton). There are thin as well as thick options (quilters speak of low loft and high loft).

For hobby purposes and needlework we have various special types of reinforcement in our webshop. Think of very sturdy reinforcement for making baskets, bags or other large textile objects, for example. For patchwork and quilting there is reinforcement available with a handy printed quilt grid and for embroidery there is embroidery stabiliser. This non-woven material is usually used to temporarily reinforce a delicate or stretchy fabric so that the fabric can be embroidered or appliquéd more easily on the sewing machine. Embroidery stabiliser is available in various options, such as solufleece (water-soluble), stitch-and-tear or vliesofilm (self-adhesive, for small patches that do not fit into an embroidery frame).

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