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Changing customer details
Placing an order
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Can we help you?

Send an email to or
Call +31 (0)592-542828
Our customer services team is available on workdays between 09:00 - 14:00 h. CEST

Changing customer details

How can I temporarily or permanently change my shipping address?

We ask you to inform us on changes of address byphone,before you put in your order via our webshop.

How can I change my email address?

Please contact our customer service.


Placing an order

What is the minimal order amount?

Please see the Delivery Conditions for an overview per country.

I’ve already placed my order. Can I add something to it?

Orders that come in are processed immediately. Unfortunately, you can therefore no longer add something to your order.

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Who delivers my parcel?

Parcels within Europe are shipped via UPS. For countries outside the European Union, or when special conditions apply, parcels are shipped via UPS. On the day of shipment, you will receive tracking information via e-mail. This allows you to track your parcel at any time. Read all about our Delivery Conditions.

What are the shipping costs?

For countries within Europe for which we offer shipping via UPS, a minimum order amount for free shipping is determined. For orders which are shipped via UPS, shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and volume of your order. All details can be found on our Delivery Conditions page.

How do I know whether my order has been shipped?

On the day ofshipmentyou will receive a tracking code via email. This code allows you to track your parcel. Sometimes there can be a slight delay before you receive an e-mail. If you doubt, please contact our customer service department.

When can I expect my parcel?

We strive to process and ship your order as fast as possible. As soon as your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an e-mail containing more information about the expected delivery date.

I did not receive any tracking information

It is possible we do not have a valid e-mail address from you. In this case, please send us an e-mail from the address you would like to receive the tracking code on. Please also mention your customer number and company name so that our customer service department can make the changes for you.

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Exchange & Returns

I received my order and I have a question.

We take care to prepare your order. Is something amiss? Please contact us via mentioning your company name, customer number, the invoice (and or order) number andyour telephone number. Please describe the problem carefully, or include a picture to illustrate. Our customer service strives to contact you as soon as possible to provide a solution. More about Exchange & Returns

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Which ways can I receive my invoices

You will receive your invoices by email. If you would like to change your email, please contact our customer service.

I did not receive an invoice

Did you not receive an invoice? Send an email to mentioning your customer number, order number and the order date. You will receive a copy of your invoice via e-mail.

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How can I subscribe to the De Bondt B.V. newsletter? How can I change the e-mail address for the newsletter?

On the bottom of every page on the webshop there is the option to subscribe. (You can also look at the heading ‘newsletter”)

How can I change the e-mail address for the newsletter?

Send an e-mail to mentioning your customer number, the old e-mail address and the new e-mailaddress.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Below each newsletter there is a link: unsubscribe from this list. Click on this link to unsubcribe.

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Becoming a customer

How can I become a customer of De Bondt B.V.?

Do you wish to become a customer? We would like to make your acquaintance. Please go to the sign up page and fill in the form. After receiving your registration you will receive an automated response from us, confirming that we received your registration. We strive to contact you within 7 working days to complete the registration.We do the best we can in order to provide you with login details as soon as possible.

What are the office hours at De Bondt B.V.?

De Bondt BV is in office from Monday to Friday between 09:00 am and 14:00 pm. Our customer service is ready to assist you via e-mail or telephone during these hours.

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Stock info

Where can I find information about the availability of stock?

We strive to have all of our articles in stock, but this is not possible in all circumstances. As soon as the delivery time is known, this will be visible on the back in stock page. If a product isn't listed, it is likely that the delivery time of this product is unfortunately unknown. In this case, please send an e-mail to mentioning the article number, your company name and your customer number. 

Miscellanious information


How can I calculate the size of a button?

The measurements of our buttons are displayed in the English ligne. These measurements are easily calculated to mm using the formula: Ligne / 1,6 = mm. Example 4348-40 Bottoni Italiani 40 / 1,6 = 25 mm

Ligne - mm

Size 20 - 12,5 mm
Size 24 - 15 mm
Size 28 - 17,5 mm
Size 32 - 20 mm
Size 36 - 22,5 mm
Size 40 - 25 mm


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