Opticon handscanner


  1. About the Scanner
  2. Instructional video
  3. User instructions
  4. I have an Opticon Scanner without Bluetooth

Getting going with the Opticon Orderscanner

Once your scanner is up and running, fill in your online order here.

1. About the Scanner

Ordering at De Bondt BV just became a whole lot easier thanks to the new Opticon Orderscanner! A compact and user-friendly device, the orderscanner doesn’t require any complicated installations, nor any more than a tablet or smart phone with internet connection to function! While you scan, watch as the orderscanner notifies you on the spot whether your requested item is in stock, and where applicable, why it isn’t. To order your Opticon Orderscanner, click here.


2. Instructial video


3. Download the detailed OPN-2006 user instructions here.


4. I have an Opticon Scanner without Bluetooth

Already have an Opticon Scanner? For those of you who possess the Opticon OPN-2001 scanner, it’s also possible to use it to place orders quicker and easier here at De Bondt BV.

Download the OPN-2001 Quick Start Guide to find out how.

Download the OPN-2001 User Manual

Watch the short instructional video:


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